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Aluminum False Ceiling Suppliers in Turkey

The use of aluminum in a building should be preferred especially as a ceiling material. Aluminum has advantages over its alternatives for a variety of reasons, from fire resistance to stylish visibility in a building. Aluminum suspended ceiling also helps not to exceed usage costs with more efficient heating and cooling.

Aluminum suspended ceiling has several important advantages over gypsum or wooden ceiling: it is easy to clean and very robust so it is long lasting.

Aluminum panels offer easy access to the ceiling cavity, while less prone to cracks and breaks of traditional suspended ceiling materials. Most buildings in the ceiling place wiring, ducts and environmental controls. In addition, cameras and other security components can be placed on the ceiling.

All these products require regular maintenance and occasional repair. It is a great advantage for aluminum suspended ceiling to be able to access the lower ceiling without fear of breaking by opening the ceiling tiles or passing through them. Suspended ceilings are also resistant to moisture, which reduces staining and crumbling from leaks and ensures a long-lasting healthy use.

Can use as an aluminum sound insulator and muffler. Some models have aluminum options that help burn or guide sound, so you don’t create an echo chamber.

Ceilings with heavy fillings also reduce noise from adjacent areas. Different aluminum suspended ceiling options are available to suit your needs and the structure of your building.

Aluminum False Ceiling Suppliers in TurkeyFrom your installation to acoustics; Note that all details from the color to be used can be easily resolved with a professional support. You can contact us without any hesitation in any questions you have in mind.

Aluminum False Ceiling Suppliers in Turkey

The decision to negotiate with us to receive information from aluminum ceiling factory in turkey for quality and affordable products.

First of all, the whole team needs to agree on what the final product should look like before starting your project. You, your architect and general contractor, should clarify your expectations from the beginning, including exactly what will appear on the suspended ceiling. This means that you need to plan things to be removed or replaced before demolition to ensure a clean and smooth look. Abandoned water or electrical installations can cause an undesirable result.