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Suspended Ceiling System


Trio Metal Ceiling expands significantly in business areas. The company has prdocution for: Metal Suspended Ceiling, Baffle Suspended Ceiling, Trio Boutique Panels, Stripe Metal Suspended Ceiling, Suspended Ceiling Lighting group, mainly profile and special productions with a wide range of products operates in a wide area. One of the most important stages in its development is the institutionalization effort.


Trio, which is increasingly creating added value for its employees, conducts all of its activities with international standards of corporate governance, customer satisfaction, social responsibility and environmental protection principles. It continues its journey, which began many years ago, with a growth and productivity-oriented growth strategy.

We have confidence in ourselves, lead us to put ambitious goals. We are also aware that achieving these goals is possible only through a strategic management approach.

While complying with the norms determined for the environmental qualities of the products in terms of their sectors, we try to support the products implemented. With the development of an environmentally friendly product and service portfolio, Üçler Alüminyum has increased its competitiveness while maintaining environmentalist entrepreneurship.

New Vision for the New Millennium

Contributing to the development of the country with rapid and innovative growth is the sole and ultimate goal.


To create lasting advantages in the fields of brand, patent, technology, design, information network, intellectual and industrial property.

Active Participation

To create a management approach that encourages participation and common reason in decision processes.

Strategic Approach

Managing today's business perfectly and planning our future in a long-term way.