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The bandraster system can be preferred for large areas where the carrier system appears to be an installation duct, where luminaires can be hidden or concealed electrical wiring and where frequent and convenient access to these installations is required. The roof panel can be mounted or attached to the carriage from the top. In this system, as well as the standard panel dimensions, as well as much larger panel options are available.
Materials Aluminum / Galvanized Sheet / Stainless Steel
Thickness 0,40mm - 1mm
Dimensions 600x600mm - 300x300mm - 600x1200mm - 300x60mm & special dimensions
System Details C Type / D Type 2 Drawings will be opened
Perforation 0,90mm - 1,5mm -1,8mm- 2,5mm - 4,50mm - 8,00mm circular - 4x4mm square- 15x30mm diamond shape - Ellipse Perforated
Colour RAL Options & Wooden Look
Fabric Black Fabric / Fireproof Import Fabric / Soundtex

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