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Clip-in Concealed Suspended Ceiling

In this system carriers are not visible from the outside. It has a more simple and aesthetic appearance compared to a seated and sagging system. All panels can be detached and mounted independently of each other with a special apparatus, thus providing easy access to existing electrical and mechanical installations. It is a light and stylish decorative product.
Materials: Aluminum / Galvanized Steel Sheet / Stainless Steel
Thickness 0,40mm - 1mm
Dimensions 600x600mm - 300x300mm - 600x1200mm - 300x60mm & Special Dimensions
Edge Details Chamfered - Billet - Grooved
Perforation 0,90mm - 1,5mm -1,8mm- 2,5mm - 4,50mm - 8,00mm circular- 4x4mm square - 15x30mm diamond shape - Ellipse Perforated
Colour RAL Options & Wooden Look
Fabric Black Fabric / Fireproof Import Fabric / Soundtex
To download the Clip-in Suspended Ceiling technical specification file, you can click here.

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