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Baffle Ceiling

Baffle suspended ceiling panels; They are metal panels suspended vertically in different sizes on the ceiling. The linear vertical design allows the circulation of air between the ceiling, and allows the concealment of electrical and mechanical installations in the ceiling thanks to different dimensions and panel distances.
Material Aluminum and Galvanized Sheet
Section Standard U Section - Special Sections
Thickness 0,40mm - 1mm
Bottom Base 20mm-300mm
Height 40mm - 200mm
Perforation 0,90mm - 1,5mm -1,8mm- 2,5mm - 4,50mm Dairesel - 8mm Dairesel ve 4x4mm Kare
Fabric Black Domestic / Fireproof Imported Fabric / Soundtex
Carrier System With Hook (Optional Hook-on Main L Carrier)
Colour RAL Options & Wooden Look
Axle Spacing 40mm - 300mm
To download the Baffle Suspended Ceiling technical specification file, please click here. . To download the Multi DIM Baffle specification file, you can click here. < / a> To download the Multi Panel Baffle technical specification file click here.

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