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Suspended Ceiling

Suspended ceiling is a structural element made of a covering system and stone wool, metal, etc., which is made with a purpose of providing a decorative appearance, sound and heat insulation. Suspended ceiling application was needed in order to prevent bad or unattended view on the deck. For example, low flooring, installation pipes, etc. A false ceiling is required for image defects resulting from such situations. Suspended ceilings are being applied in many buildings in the world and in Turkey. Especially the bureaux, stores, hospitals, public service buildings etc. It is made in terms of aesthetics in places open to the public.

The food and health sectors have to comply with the requirements of health and safety features are demanded by the hanging pan very well. For other electronic, fiber optic, pharmaceutical and computer systems, special Class 100 clean room conditions and environmental applications are sought.

suspended ceiling

Strength of Impact Suspended ceilings are sometimes very badly used and impacted, such as corridors, in the areas where plaques are often inserted to reach the equipment. For this reason, a special importance is given to the impact resistance and the long life of the products.

Nama Durability Suspended ceilings are made up of fast buildings, buildings that are heated and cooled at intervals, buildings where there are many human densities, areas where the buildings are open to the outside.

Causes of transportation between suspended ceilings may change from aesthetic to safety. Suspended ceilings provide access to service pipes and electrical installations. Thus, the telephone reaches the service personnel such as ventilation, air conditioning, heating, fire detector and sprinkler.

Suspended Ceiling Design

Design Suspended ceilings also cover cracks and damage in old ceilings. Mounting, dismantling and cleaning of suspended ceilings is easy, fast and economical.

Reducing Acoustic Noise increases working efficiency and comfort. Suspended ceilings produced from materials with high sound absorbing properties reduce noise and increase sound insulation from the room to the room as appropriate to the specified criteria.

Sound Isolation Sound can be disturbing when not well controlled. (Such as sound from the side room or from the outside and reverberation with them). In order to get rid of these disturbing situations, the right acoustical designs are very important in the architecture.

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