Mesh Metal Ceiling in Turkey - Trio Suspended Ceiling Systems in Turkey

Mesh Metal Ceiling in Turkey

Mesh suspended ceiling systems meet the demands of modern interior architects. Forms, functions, and materials, which are an important component of room design. make a significant contribution to the welfare and comfort of those who use the room. A ceiling solution can be quickly installed without the need for structural modifications, regardless of the room layout.
Trio Metal Ceiling, Offers innovative ceiling solutions made of stainless steel and aluminum cage from a single source. Mesh Metal Ceiling Combines the extraordinary visual appearance of the texture with high acoustic comfort and effective light deviation.

 Mesh Metal Ceiling in Turkey

Mesh Suspended Ceiling Options

A pleasant atmosphere, room-based acoustical comfort and the use of daylight play an important role in creating a sense of well-being in your living space. Suspended ceilings play an important role here as a visual and functional interior design element. Used in standard systems and specially shaped ceilings. Offering almost limitless options for creative and user-focused interior architecture.

Mesh Suspended Ceiling Usage Areas

Whether it is a hotel, restaurant, office, shop, state or cultural building: it transforms architectural ideas into reality as a fully compatible system of mesh suspended ceilings, infrastructures and accessories. The acoustic ceiling system and planners and contractors address the complex requirements for open room planning in new buildings or renovation projects. Metallic cage plates can be equipped with highly effective sound absorbing mats or acoustic polarity depending on demand, thereby reducing echo and increasing the intelligibility of speaking.
In addition to these extraordinary acoustical solutions, the innovative mesh type is enhanced and offers interior lighting components. With a combination of effective sound absorption and effective light deflection, the high-gloss aluminum mesh offers a solution beyond the limitations of traditional ceiling materials. Highly reflective braiding panels contribute significantly to natural lightening and even distribution by significantly improving daylight transmission. These features greatly increase the lighting effect as well as being welcomed by the user, while significantly reducing energy consumption from artificial light. In this way it affords a unique identity to every room in an economical way.

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