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Suspended Ceiling Lighting Systems in Turkey

suspended ceiling lighting systems in turkey

Suspended Ceiling Lighting Systems in Turkey

There are many options for suspended ceiling lighting, which can be used for ceiling systems, from spotlights and suspended luminaires to recessed modular lighting. So you can make your choice as a basic knowledge of these types of suspended ceiling lighting. Take a look at this article to get your lighting system in front of a ceiling renovation plan that you intend to build in the building into your dreams.

Built-in modular lights are available in sizes 600x600mm and 1200x600mm. They can consist of two, three or four fluorescent T5 or T8 tubes or LED type fittings. LED flat panel recessed lights are sold more expensive than traditional fluorescent tube lights, but they are more energetic. If your building requires a large number of lighting fixtures, you can save considerable savings in the long run with LED flat panels.

LED recessed lights usually come with their diffusers or shutters in the light unit. However, it is also possible to use different louver options with fluorescent lighting fixtures.
Low-lumen shutters and Cat 2 louvers are more expensive than other louvers. When evaluating the price / performance, you should take into account that they are more visually appealing and have the functionality of spreading the light. The disadvantage of this kind of louvers is that they allow the heat of the room to enter the ceiling space. Therefore, installation of smoke detectors and fire detectors in the ceilings is essential in buildings where such shutters are used. For more detailed information on fire safety of suspended ceiling systems, you can browse a my other writing or refer to it directly You can contact us.

When choosing your suspended ceiling system, you can combine a healthy structure with an eye-catching design through the most appropriate projection and lighting modules for your building, if you determine from the start by considering your lighting system. If you determine together with your lighting system the ceiling modules you will determine appropriate for your building’s architecture, you will have a quick and effective solution in a single step.

Detailed Information About Suspended Ceiling Lighting Systems in Turkey

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