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Metal ceiling tiles come in many patterns and colors. So, when you’re looking for metal ceiling tiles, there are many options to consider and it can be challenging to pick a design for your project. If you are looking for a tblisi metal ceiling company, you can explore our catalogue.

By knowing what to look for in the tiles, you’ll be able to create a ceiling that enhances the inherent beauty in your space.

Contact us for the most popular metal ceiling panel patterns and discuss whether they would be the right fit for your situation and project!


Many designs for Tblisi metal ceiling  embody simple elegance. There’s a reason that the ancient Olympians used leaves to craft their crowns. The wreath designs on these metal ceiling tiles hint toward that rich, acanthus leaf history. You may look our Tin Panel models.


In the opposite direction of classic elegance some models embrace a more modern look. The bold designs, lines, and simplistic elements create an “art deco” look for your ceiling. It is all about your choices.

Grace And Movement

Are you looking to add an American look to your ceiling or backsplash? Some metal ceiling models create movement in your aesthetic design and create an exquisite appearance in any context.


Tblisi Metal Ceiling Company

Classic Victorian

Of course, metal ceiling tiles are most popularly used to create a classic, vintage look. However, suppose you’re looking to make your home or business appear more elegant through the use of Victorian motifs. Victorian Mirror could suit your tastes.

Fanciful Fanfare

Metal ceiling tiles are an excellent opportunity to show off craftsmanship and great design. For example, the extra embellishments.


Since there are no “rules” in metal ceiling tile design, it’s possible to mix-and-match tiles as long as they share similar pattern elements and shapes.

Plain and Simple

Not sure what design to go with, but you know that you want metal ceiling tiles?

There you have it, a quick summary of our most popular metal ceiling panel patterns! Don’t hesitate to contact us as a Tblisi Metal Ceiling Company. We can easily make export for you.