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Ceiling System in Turkmenistan PVC Wood Coating Special Product for Turkmenistan. Our PVC coated wood-like appearance model will be applied to the entire...

Ceiling System in Turkmenistan

Ceiling System in Turkmenistan

Ucler Aluminium Ltd. Sti. with a half century of experience in manufacturing, has become the fastest supplier of domestic and foreign markets due to the construction industry. Beside the production of metal and other suspended ceilings, our factory has a wide range of manufacturing. To share our experiences on production issues and finding solutions, we also developed an expertise in the management team and employees to create fast and unlimited options.

To respond the request on behalf of the appropriate sales and service satisfaction to appeal to the right user at a time, we continue to work in a fine sensitivity. Our factory is developing day by day with our new machinery and production experience, we have become a trusted source, you can get information and detailing about your project in collaboration with you.

We have quite a wide area of research in the development of products through the decades of experience in manufacturing as Ucler Aluminium Ltd. Sti. Our warm human relationships under the Trio brand and our understanding of fair trade will continue to maintain our position in the industry for many years. PVC Wood Coating Special Product for Turkmenistan

Our PVC coated wood-like appearance model will be applied to the entire panel system also offers few options.

In general, these PVC is usually coated onto galvanised Steel sheet, as well as extend the life of the material, also providing an aesthetic appearance.

Our export products are mainly focused on metal suspended ceiling in Europe, Asia, Africa etc. (all over the world). You can contact us for more detailed information about metal ceiling import. We can inform you for all product and cargo operations.

We have the experience to send you metal ceiling products instead of the world you want. Don't hesitate to ask any further question.