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Suspended Ceiling Prices in Turkey

When calculating the suspended ceiling prices, you should first think about the value of this work. Suspended ceilings are used to hide damaged / stained ceilings, to lower the height of the high ceilings, to make noises from the upper floors, and to hide channels and cabling while providing easy access for repairs. In addition, this work we have planned is the most active way of finishing a reorganized field.
The suspended ceiling consists of two basic parts: the grid and the tile. The grid is attached to the walls with a crossed beam pattern. Beams have a small ledge that supports the tiles and hang up in the air. Grids in very large rooms may need additional support units. Tiles are made of aluminum, plastic, tin, composite and / or fire-resistant wood. These are attached one by one to the protrusions of the grill work.

 Suspended Ceiling Prices in Turkey

Suspended Ceiling Costs and Features in Turkey

Generally, there is no need for permission to make a new suspended ceiling, but you should still observe the regulations of the municipalities to which you are attached. At the same time, a certain amount of space may be required between the old ceiling and the new building. Also, if you are adding lighting, ventilation holes, or other features, you may need an electrical system or an air conditioner.
Suspended ceiling prices are considered, but after the production the assembly of the ceiling can be seen as an easy job, but it is a very comprehensive work. Stairs and scaffolding require time and effort, and ceiling leveling can be time consuming. Therefore, it is essential to get professional support in the implementation of the project as much as the material to be used during the production phase. About Suspended Ceiling Prices in Turkey To get ideas from us for all stages of the project you are planning;
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The materials and type you use for your suspended ceiling work will affect your overall costs. You can reveal your cost according to your expectations and building specifications. You can choose the most suitable hanging pan for you both for your personal home and for business in different sectors according to different features. You can use Trio Ceiling Systems Catalog for this preliminary study.

In the end, the suspended ceiling is the most economical way to renew a room. The ease of maintenance of using a suspended ceiling for both work and home is an important choice. Due to this effective use, a lot of people have recently moved their traditional office-focused ceiling style to their home.